Nooodles Express at your Service!

Nooodles Express at your Service!
11 June, 2019

You can always depend on Nooodles Express for a fast and healthy meal. At Nooodles Express we have teamed up with our 4 different flavours of noodles featuring ‘Vegetable Soup Nooodles’, ‘Curry Soup Nooodles’, ‘Tom Yum Soup Nooodles’ and ‘Beef Soup Nooodles’ for a delightful meal at home. The product produced by Nooodles Express are HALAL certified and it does not contain any added MSG. The noodles are a specially produced Yee Mee that does not contain any wax as a preservative.

Looking for a diet free meal without any meat and fish diet, why not try out the ‘Vegetarian Soup Nooodles’ from Nooodles Express. Its taste is so rich and refreshing with fresh flavours’ of selected herbs and spices that will blow your mind. Just add on some of your favourite cooked vegetables to enjoy a hot bowl of noodles at your home comfort for a healthy alternative.

Searching for a hot bowl of ‘Curry Soup Nooodles’ without having to leave home? One of the favourite dish among Malaysian that is a wholesome packed bowl of milky and spices feeling, ‘Curry Soup Flavor Nooodles’ by Nooodles Express. It is inspired through a mild Nyonya curry flavour taste that is unique and mouthwatering. All you need to do is add on your favourite cooked vegetables, eggs, prawns, cuttlefish, chicken and fish balls for an awesome bowl of hot Curry Soup Noodles.

Love having an authentic Thai meal? At Nooodles Express we are sure to impress you with one of our flavours that is tasty and addictive with a taste of spicy, sour and tangy flavoured noodles of the ‘Tom Yum Soup Nooodles’ that will blow your mind off. It is so good that you will slurp until its last bit.  It is suited for those who crave for a perfect balance between spicy and sour taste. Just add some seafood, meat and vegetables to your taste and enjoy a good bowl of your treasured savoury food …. awaiting to-be-served. It is so appetizing upon every spoon full of soup and noodles.

If you are feeling under the weather, try out the ‘Beef Soup Nooodles’ for a satisfying meal. It is made of mild herbs and spices that is bursting with flavours with just spoon. Beef lovers can add their additional toppings such as cooked vegetables, meat, meatballs and fish balls for a complete bowl of hot noodle soup. Garnish your dish with chopped spring onions before indulging in a savoury bowl of ‘Beef Soup Nooodles’.

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