NÖÖÖDLES express Curry Soup

NÖÖÖDLES express Curry Soup
25 February, 2019
Hhhmm delicious Laksa. A Peranakan dish that Malaysian are extremely proud of. Made with spicy
curry coconut milk, garlic, ginger and lemongrass, this is a satisfying dish, to say the least.

NÖÖÖDLES express recently introduced four new flavours of their express noodles; Vegetarian soup, Tom
Yam, Beef Soup and lastly Curry. The team at NÖÖÖDLES express spent a significant amount of time
perfecting the Curry express noodles. Packed in an attractive air-tight packaging, the instant
noodles and the additional ingredients are packed separately for freshness and to maintain the
flavour of the laksa.

There is no added MSG and all the instant noodles are certified Halal making it a worry-free dish for
everyone. The 104 grams of deliciousness is also free from boric acid. Compared to other instant
noodles makers in the market, Nooodles makes sure that their product is healthy and makes a
hearty meal.

Why not take it up a notch and add cooked seafood, vegetables and chicken into the mix and make it
a complete meal that you and your family would enjoy! Sautee seafood and fresh tofu and add them
in so that the seafood and tofu will soak up the delicious curry laksa soup. Delicious! With every bite,
it will make you reminisce mom’s home-cooked meals.

All these new NÖÖÖDLES express can be purchased easily at the Nooodles restaurant located at KLIA,
KLIA2, Penang International Airport, Langkawi international airport, Subang Skypark Terminal, Perth
Airport, Australia and Melbourne Airport, Australia. Go on and give it a try. Don’t just sit there. Grab
your bowl of NÖÖÖDLES express immediately.