NÖÖÖDLES express Beef Soup

NÖÖÖDLES express Beef Soup
25 February, 2019
Beef noodles soup. One of the best delicacies found in Malaysian hawker centres. But what if you
are able to get the exact same thing at home? Or something even better at home. Wouldn’t that be
even more convenient?

NÖÖÖDLES express latest edition of their instant noodles is the beef noodles soup flavour. Nooodles
added their signature instant noodles into the bowl together with dry ingredients to make it taste

The beef noodle soup is in a clear slightly spicy broth with a very strong beef taste. A nice hot bowl of beef noodle soup is comfort food for anyone on a rainy day.

Why not be a chef yourself and add in sliced beef strips and fresh vegetables such as carrots and
spring onions to boost up the flavour? Understanding that a lot of people are busy, Nooodles made
it very easy to put together their instant noodles in a jiffy. Just add hot water and a selection of
ingredients that you would like and TA-DA, your meal is ready! And the best part; it tastes like
something you can get at a restaurant. All made in the comforts of your home.

The instant noodles are free from MSG, Boric Acid and are certified Halal. The beef noodles soup is
authentic and suitable for everyone.

The new NÖÖÖDLES express can be purchased easily at the Nooodles restaurant located at KLIA,
KLIA2, Penang International Airport, Langkawi international airport, Subang Skypark Terminal, Perth
Airport, Australia and Melbourne Airport, Australia.